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Motivation mapping

The Motivation mapping tool is made to identify as many factors that could influence customer’s decision to select your product/service. Two9Six consultants identified 21 categories of product and operational attributes, with best practice examples. We separated these into 6 domains.

During the workshop you will be challenged to think of stakeholder problems /solutions for each of these category. It is not important to consider how big an impact it might have on the stakeholders decision.

Why do we do this? Because customers make an intuitive (and not always rational) evaluation of the product and services, and there are many factors that influence their decisions. Your product might be really good on some categories, but fare really poorly on others. The latter will reflect badly on your product. The more you can increase the reasons to select your product and diminish reasons why not to, the greater the chance the customer will review it positively. See the examples below of Tesla and Tinder


Notice that we are not segmenting the stakeholders. At this stage it is irrelevant. A natural segmentation of stakeholder will naturally emerge at a later stage. 


Motivation mapping is a structured design thinking technique that forces a comprehensive view of any problem
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