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From Insight to Innovation

Why should customers buy your product?

If your answer is short, it is grossly incomplete. When consumers assess a product they score it on a combination of many attributes, often unwittingly.

But while customers don’t need to understand their own considerations, entrepreneurs do!

This is where Two9Six consultants can help you. Based on a study of hundreds of best practices, our Motivation Mapping workshop is a unique structural approach that applies design thinking techniques to quantify the customer benefits, and identify neglected opportunities, from a comprehensive list of product and operational attributes.


This methodology delivers an improved value proposition, clear strategy and a roadmap of the required development and innovation.

From innovation to Success

Good strategy and products alone are no guarantee for success.

First of all, both strategy and products need to be validated and tested. Equally important, people in the company should be aligned and agree on the purpose, strategy and tactics. And finally, company operations should be optimized to achieve the best financial results.

Two9Six consultants frameworks, expertise and guidance would help you achieve significant progress on all the above.

Startups/new businesses

We assist you sharpen your value proposition, develop a business model, improve your pitch, construct financial models, setup control framework and financial administration.


We are experienced mentors and will guide you through the many challenges that arise along the way.

Established business

We provide financials services such as interim finance management, review and improvement of control framework and financial change management.


 We will assess your innovation practices and help you improve your innovation strategy, processes and strengthen an innovation culture within your organization. We will guide you on methods for developing and validating new products and services.

Who are we?

We are two individuals that got together because we noticed that there is a lot of hot air consultants out there, selling you the world for exuberant prices.


We do not sell easy solutions but a structured process and extensive knowledge in both innovations and finance. From strategy to down to earth  - getting things done.


But the key is that we will work together with you, stimulate and challenge you and come up with a solution that will work for you and your business. A chartered accountant with extensive knowledge of change management and a scientist with an MBA that specialized in how businesses innovate.

David Marks, Innovation Strategist
David Marks PhD MBA
Innovation Strategist

Ever since I can remember I was intrigued by innovations and famous innovators, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, the Wright brothers. As the years went by, I gravitated to pure science, completing a PhD in Chemical Physics and working several years as a scientist in a research institute. Following an MBA I became a strategy, data and, finally,  innovation consultant.

My approach is structural, enthusiastic and customized to my clients need. I’d be happy to speak with you on your challenges and hopefully work together with you on solving them.

Hans Goudkamp, Finance Expert
Hans Goudkamp CA (SA)
Finance consultant

As a child my mother said I loved counting stones, adding them up and subtracting them from each other. It was therefore no surprise to her that I decided to become an accountant. I passed my board exam in South Africa and started working for Price Waterhouse. Working for BAT I was involved in many change processes, setting up administrations, optimising the organisational structure and implementing new systems. 

At Triggerise I got bitten by the startup/scaleup bug. My approach is practical. How manage risk and control? Optimising processes and analysing the numbers. Because that is what I am good at.

What people say?

If you face challenges evolving an innovation idea into a product or service, then I can honestly recommend reaching out to Two9Six Consultants and engaging David for a workshop


Werner Strydom, Irdeto


Hans set up fundamental controls and processes in the period of rapid growth, helping Triggerise gain the confidence of various donors and partners. Hans built a strong headquarter team and showed great people management skills. Solving problems was a day to day activity which Hans excelled in, helping Triggerise navigate through an exciting times of expansion.

Benoit Renard, Triggerise

David facilitated a valuable strategy session for Enviu Mobility which helped us sharpen our focus and proposition.


Maarten Fontein, Enviu


David developed a powerful & pragmatic tool which helped us to create a deep understanding of what drives our customers and to align our propositions with it. It’s been nothing less than detrimental in having the business stand out from competition, greatly adding to its success.


Mauricio Hombres, Time4T

Hans consistently delivered with his innovative approach and out-of-the-box problem-solving skills from his deep experience in Finance, operations, and strategy. Hans is a top-notch professional with a long-standing mastery in his field of experience and is definitely an asset to any organization.


Kenneth Kiplagat, Tikko

Hans is a hardworking, goal-driven professional and a sympathetic colleague to work with. I really appreciated his cooperative attitude in helping finding solutions for issues we were confronted with during the project. I would definitely recommend Hans for similar positions.


Jeroen van Niewekerk, Riwal

David heeft ons heel goed geholpen om als team ons verhaal af te stemmen en er een congruent en pakkend verhaal van te maken voor verschillende stakeholders om ons heen. Zijn methodiek is prikkelend en efficiënt en vormt daarmee ook een waardevolle activiteit voor het team!


Alette Baartmans, Stichting Education warehouse


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