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Whether you are building a new business, or running one that is long established, your success depends on two things. Do (potential) customers want what you are selling? And is it profitable for you to supply them?

Two9Six consultants will help you reach positive answers on both. We focus on Innovation and Finance to improve your value proposition and margins.

Startups/new businesses

We assist you sharpen your value proposition, develop a business model, improve your pitch, construct financial models, setup control framework and financial administration.


We are experienced mentors and will guide you through the many challenges that arise along the way.

Established businesses

We provide financials services such as interim finance management, review and improvement of control framework and financial change management.


  We will assess your innovation practices and help you improve your innovation strategy, processes and strengthen an innovation culture within your organization. We will guide you on methods for developing and validating new products and services.


We are two individuals that got together because we noticed that there is a lot of hot air consultants out there, selling you the world at exuberant prices. We do not sell easy solutions but a structured process and extensive knowledge in both innovations and finance. From strategy and the down to earth getting things done. But the key is that we will work together with you, stimulate and challenge you and come up with a solution that will work for you and your business. A chartered accountant with extensive knowledge of change management and a scientist with a MBA that specialized in how businesses innovate.


Singel 296 III, 1016AD, Amsterdam,  Tel: 06 55 75 8223

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