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David Marks PhD MBA
Innovation consultant

Ever since I can remember I was intrigued by innovations and famous innovators, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, the Wright brothers. As the years went by, I gravitated to pure science, completing a PhD in Chemical Physics and working several years as a scientist in a research institute. Following an MBA I became a strategy, data and, finally,  innovation consultant.

My approach is structural, enthusiastic and customized to my clients need. I’d be happy to speak with you on your challenges and hopefully work together with you on solving them.

Hans Goudkamp CA (SA)
Finance consultant

As a child my mother said I loved counting stones, adding them up and subtracting them from each other. It was therefore no surprise to her that I decided to become an accountant. I passed my board exam in South Africa and started working for Price Waterhouse. Working for BAT I was involved in many change processes, setting up administrations, optimising the organisational structure and implementing new systems. 

At Triggerise I got bitten by the startup/scaleup bug. My approach is practical. How manage risk and control? Optimising processes and analysing the numbers. Because that is what I am good at.

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